Podcast 2 - Tips on choosing the best publisher for your specific yearbook.

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This is episode number 2 of Yearbooks Live. Today we want to give you some tips on choosing the best publisher for your specific yearbook. What’s important to you? Do you need a rep to stop by monthly to help with the process or will an email or a phone call do? Do you have a budget? Is price important? What events would you like included in the book and when do you need the book delivered? Is Curriculum important? ­­­­­­­­­­­­

When shopping for a yearbook publisher there are many choices. Back in the day you had a choice of about 6-8 vendors that specialized in yearbook printing. These big companies controlled the market. They controlled the price, the delivery, deadlines and virtually all aspects of the yearbook. Some companies would hold a school hostage by never allowing them to get out of debt with the publisher so the school had no choice but continue to do business year after year with the same vendor happy or not.

Today some of this still goes on but to a lesser extent. There are now dozens of yearbook printers to choose from, many with their own software and state of the art presses and a complete yearbook program that makes it easier and less expensive for all.

When shopping the main things to look for are:

  • Services provided
  • Price
  •  Quality
  •  Software
  • Delivery
  • Company reputation

Thank you so much for listening to our show today. We hope you’ll stay with us for all of the upcoming episodes. Please tell your friends, share us to the world.

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