Podcast 1 - Introduction to Yearbooks Live and what it's all about.

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Welcome to Yearbooks Live, the podcast for yearbook teams to learn everything you need to know about the yearbook business, with our weekly 10 minute yearbook lessons for the real world.

This is our fist ever episode of Yearbooks Live, Show number 1. Today we want to introduce to our podcast, tell you a little about ourselves and tell you what our show is all about.

Each week we want to provide yearbook advisors, editors and anyone working on the yearbook at schools all over the world some tips, tricks and insight on the entire yearbook process.

We will have ideas and information on topics like:

  • How to Market your yearbook
  • Selling the yearbook
  • How to get Organized
  • Distribution methods
  • Determining how many books and pages you’ll need
  • Developing a theme
  • What software features you should be looking for
  • And much more

My name is JP and I’ll be your host on this journey. I’ve been in the yearbook business since 1998. From the printing side, to Customer service, sales and marketing and everything in between I have been involved in virtually every aspect of the process. My goal is for you is to take a piece of what I know so you can have best yearbook experience possible. Throughout the year you’ll hear interviews from other experts in the field who will give you insight into what has worked and has not worked for them.

We have lots and lots of ideas to help your yearbook journey be the best it can be.

We hope you’ll stay with us for all of the upcoming episodes. Please tell your friends, share us to the world. Find us on Itunes, and anywhere you listen to your podcast.

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